We provide Data Plumbing for accounting firms.  Our pipes are smooth steely titanium carrying high-integrity and accurate accounting data safely and securely for the world’s accountants.


The accounting software market is crowded: there are an increasing number of accounting software programmes and general ledger accounting practice tools.  This creates a fragmented market and frustration and pain for accountants who need access to their client’s accounting data.


We spotted this problem early and have been researching and solving for it since 2013 and we now understand it like no other.  We know every software product, every version, every vendor and every piece of data – and we know the solution that is needed to bring it all together.


Only a neutral and agnostic player can provide that solution – the accounting Data Plumbing.  That player must not build front-end functionality for the business end user and must be complementary to the accounting software vendor, accountants and other trusted business advisors.


Finally, accountants are the custodians of financial data and they are the key to building robust plumbing – they are at the centre of this world.

Our goal is to be the best in the world at integrating accounting software.  We will know we have achieved this when we are the industry standard Data Plumbing solution.


Director and Chair Serge Van Dam, Serge built one of New Zealand’s financial technology success stories, mobile banking business m-Com. Common Ledger Data Plumbing for Accounting Firms

Serge van Dam - Director and Chair

Serge built one of New Zealand’s financial technology success stories, mobile banking business m-Com.  

The business was sold to US Fortune 500 financial services firm Fiserv in 2011 and Serge spent three years working for the acquirer.  He now spends his time advising and investing in early and mid-stage companies.

Carlos Chambers, Director and CEO of Common Ledger, Common Ledger Data Plumbing for Accounting Firms

Carlos Chambers - Director and CEO

Carlos is an energetic all-rounder who leads the Common Ledger team.  

He’s passionate about building a big global business and moving the needle on New Zealand’s economic transition from milk and tourism to high-value exports.  

Carlos spent his early career as a commercial lawyer at New Zealand’s top tier law firm Russell McVeagh.  

Since then his diverse background includes time working on climate change research and advocacy and running a digital business accelerator.

Director Ben Kepes is a technology evangelist, an investor, a commentator and a business adviser. Common Ledger, Data Plumbing for Accounting Firms

Ben Kepes - Director

Ben Kepes is a technology evangelist, an investor, a commentator and a business adviser.  

Widely heralded as New Zealand’s leading expert on cloud technology, Ben covers the convergence of technology, mobile, ubiquity and agility, all enabled by the rise of Cloud.  

He has consulted to Xero, MYOB, Intuit and various other accounting software and technology businesses.  



Common Ledger is a growth stage technology company backed by New Zealand’s top technology investors, with particular depth in the FinTech space.  Our investors include:

Sparkbox Venture Capital

Sparkbox Venture Capital


Sparkbox Venture Group is New Zealand’s leading early stage investor and has been investing in innovative New Zealand companies since 2001. Relevant previous successful investments include: Xero, Snakk Media and GreenButton.

Ian Frame

Ian Frame

Managing Director - Framoco Ltd

Ian was CEO of Rangatira Limited for 11 years until 2014 a middle-market diversified investment firm with $200M under management. During his tenure Ian grew the firm’s assets to $187 million from $102 million, and oversaw $70 million in dividends being paid to shareholders.  Ian now invests and in and advises early and middle-stage businesses.

Simon Holdsworth

Simon Holdsworth

Evander Management

Simon is CEO of Evander Management which manages the Holdsworth Family’s private wealth from its majority stake in Datacom, one of Australasia’s largest private companies with 4000 staff and revenues of $788 million.

Asantha Wijeyratne

Asantha Wijeyratne

CEO - Simply Payroll

Asantha founded and built Smart Payroll, New Zealand’s leading software as a service (SaaS) payroll provider. He sold this business to Datacom in 2013. Asantha spends his time investing in growth businesses as well as working on his next venture, Simply Payroll.


We are a team of thinkers, problem-solvers and doers, deeply fascinated by the conundrum we have chosen to work on – it’s a dirty data challenge, and we love it.

We believe that accountants and business advisors are the key to a powerful, well-functioning world.  Our role is to bring accountants the data they need, whenever and however they need it.

We are a globally-focussed business with our head office in Wellington, New Zealand, our Australian headquarters in Melbourne and our third UK office on the horizon.


Data Plumbing, is the emerging idea of normalising business financial data and integrating it into the core systems accountants and other financial services industries use – it is increasingly the key to unlocking higher value propositions for the business end user.

Download a paper to find out more.


The accounting software industry is at its most competitive point in history.  In most markets, fragmentation, not consolidation is the dominant likely narrative for the next 5 to 10 years.  New tools that are unimaginable today will arise to solve new problems tomorrow.

This will increase the requirement for accountants, bankers, and other service providers alike for an easy and efficient way to access, consume and distribute the data.

This opportunity is massive and truly global – we see a world where Data Pipes are the norm for accessing customer financial data whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Data Plumbing is not a fad and is here to stay – someone is going to be the industry standard plumbing provider, and we are the best placed to claim that title.

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