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We're on a mission to help Small Businesses play effortlessly and win big

Our Mission

Small Businesses can play effortlessly and win big.

Small businesses are the heroes of our economy.  But they have unhealthy failure rates - only one out of five makes it beyond five years. They fail because they cannot access funding, talent or the right expertise.  They need help.


We believe Open Data is the mechanism by which we can help Small Businesses survive and thrive. We believe in a future where small businesses own and control their data, just like they do their other property - their car, their cash, their contracts. In this future, small businesses can use their data to access funding, insurer their business, assess counter-party and improve their business health


We believe, if done right, Open Data can make small businesses stronger and bigger businesses.


The key to this future is wiring up the Triangle of Trust.  The processes, human relationships, data and incentives between small businesses, their trusted business advisor and financial services provider.


Common Ledger provides a Business Health Platform to realise this Triangle of Trust.  Our financial data pipes and smarts enable businesses and their advisors and providers to truly understand their Business Health. Our cloud product provides workflow and enables a simple yet rich and insightful view of a business.

Life at Common Ledger

"Six years ago I joined as an intern. Common Ledger helped me pursue my dream of getting becoming a Chartered Accountant. I really enjoy helping accountants add more value to their clients. Today I'm a Business Analyst for our OpenLedger product. 

- Kelly Zhou,
Business Analyst & C.A.


"What I love about Common Ledger is the freedom and flexibility to work on the things that both interest me and solve real problems for our users. I've always loved working with data and have been able to learn new skills through 'Project10' - our personal innovation & learning time.

- Scott MacAndrew,
Senior Software Developer

Our benefits
Free lunch... literally​

We believe in sharing food and simplifying our team’s lives. We provide lunch every day for our hungry, productive and awesome people.

Own part of what you work on

We want our team to own our business, not just our founders or investors. Every employee is given share options as part of their remuneration package and from time-to-time we offer the chance to chuck some change into our growing startup.

Hybrid working model

We have a Wellington office in the heart of the city near the waterfront, but as a response to COVID we’ve moved to experiment with a hybrid distributed and co-located model.

Honest and open culture

Our culture is high-transparency and we believe our team should have access to all information. We don’t try and hide things and tell as much as we can. Think Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men - “you want the truth, you can handle the truth”.

Social events galore​

We are a social bunch. Whether it’s our weekly photo competition, our soccer team, a Mid-Winter Christmas dinner, a team building challenge ‘escaping’ from a locked vault or simply sharing a drink at the end of a busy week we enjoy putting the tools down and spending time together.

Choose your own tools​

We’ll make sure you have what you need to succeed and have fun doing it.  If you’re a developer choose a Macbook, Think Pad or something else. Designers choose your UX and prototyping software.  

Searching for superstars - is this you?

We are a team of thinkers, problem-solvers and doers, deeply fascinated by the conundrum we have chosen to work on – it’s a big data challenge, and we love it.

We're looking for....

Wellington, NZ

Wellington, NZ

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