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At Common Ledger, we take data security and privacy very seriously. We believe security is everyone’s responsibility and for that reason it’s a key part of our culture. We follow industry best practices and are committed to providing the highest possible security standards for our products and services.

  • Bank-level Standards - Common Ledger adheres to the security standards required by banks and financial institutions in line with ISO27001 and SOC 2 certifications

  • Independently Tested - Independently tested by external providers

  • Secure Encryption - All customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit

  • Secure Cloud Hosting - Key infrastructure and services managed by AWS, such as monitoring for suspicious activity, physical security, server and power redundancy, and built-in firewalls

  • Internal Security - Employees follow strict security processes, including MFA, password protection, and keycard access to the building, and have regular security training

If you have any questions regarding our security practices, please contact our security team at

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