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Our Purpose
We empower lenders and advisors with insights to serve small businesses, to create more jobs, amazing products and powerful services. 
The problem we are solving

Businesses need the confidence they are “good for” access to capital in advance, and the need to drive healthier business practices to get it.

Lenders need real-time business data to make decisions in a disrupted market, and where the value of “character” becomes key to success.

Advisors have a depth of  insights, but struggle to make it transparent / simple, or shareable in order to provide range of actionable options 

Software platforms have delivered accounting and compliance driven solutions, and struggle to pivot DNA into “humanised data and advise”

Our story

Common Ledger launched in 2015, one of the first integrators with Xero, MYOB and Intuit. Since then we have deepened our understanding of data frameworks, integration requirements and built strong relationships with accounting platform and other business data providers.

In 2018 we launched our lending efficiency proposition for business lenders, specifically designed for Tier 1 and 2 banks.

In 2019 we delivered accountant verification for lending requests, integrating third party advisor workflow to include accountants in the lending process.

In 2020 we adapted the business data we know so well into a business health score that enables real time lending decisions.

Credible and experienced leadership and governance
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Carlos Chambers

Mission driven and market led leader. Established relationships with Asia-Pacific financial services and accounting communities. Relentlessly committed to our customers and mutual success.

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Head of Product & Technology

Michael Gannon

Experienced technical and product leader, with financial services flavour. Leads design, engineering and delivery of Common Ledger’s platform and products. Deep problem solver.

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Board Chairman

15+ years building internationally-relevant Fintech / software - including leadership team of m-Com (exited to Fiserv 2011). Deep experience in enterprise sales and market development. 

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Strategic Relationship Manager

15+ years in digital and financial services, previously Head of Digital at BNZ (NAB’s NZ subsidiary), then went on to found Alphero - delivering strategic programmes across energy, telco, govt and financial services (including Westpac AU/NZ, IAG, IRD) and many other Australasian enterprises.

Where next

Our goal is to humanise accounting data.

We believe that small business success is driven by the people that run it. These same people are not accountants, yet are expected to make decisions based off accounting data.


Likewise, compliance, paperwork and processes has masked the fact that lenders, invest in People, even more so in a disrupted environment. 


Common Ledger pulls together SME’s financial and behavioural data, translates this into a Business Health “Profile” which can be shared across business owners, advisors & lenders to:

  1. Recognise good business behaviors, and how they relate to success & unlocking capital

  2. Offer investment options with confidence of approval transparent up front  

  3. Reimagine lending process, with seamless connectivity across SME, advisor and lender

Common Ledger has been busy. Check out our new product for SMEs - CarbonInvoice™.

CarbonInvoice is on a mission to enable independent business owners to have a positive impact on climate and their businesses.

Through understanding their business’ emission and immediately start offsetting for each invoice they send out.

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If you are an accountants, advisor, vCFO, or other services firm, CarbonInvoice is your first step to meaningful climate action.

Copy of Asset 11_3x_edited.png

If you advise services firms, CarbonInvoice is their first step to meaningful climate action.

Learn more about how Common Ledger can power up your business

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