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Turning accounting data into meaningful action and connected advice.


Data plumbing

We connect open accounting data from all the top accounting platforms, data is enriched and standardised it into a common framework - that can integrate into your system


Dynamic workflow

Our off the shelf workflow can be optimised to your needs, enabling authorisation and co-ordination of accounting data to your advisors and lenders


Business Health Insights

We extract valuable data about business performance, personality and purpose in order to deliver a business health profile and wisdom


Benchmarking and AI decisioning

We analyse thousands of data points, trends and industries to deliver predictive confidence scores and recommendations in order to automate low risk


Advice that SME's understand.

We humanise and translate accounting data into a language that SME’s understand, helpling lenders and advisors engage and drive proactive performance

CreditScout brings all of this together to reinvent the lending experience from application to decisioning, helping drive customer growth
How we work with you?
Sample Customer - Westpac NZ

CreditScout is a modern SaaS platform for business lenders building on six years of R&D in partnership with established financials services organisations. It supports business lending from $50k loan applications to $10m commercial facilities and everything in between.

Our experienced team will work with your analyst, credit and risk teams to understand your specific needs, and configure and white-label the platform for your customers. This can be done in as little as two months allowing your staff and customers to quickly reap the benefits of a reimagined lending process.

We take privacy and security seriously - all customer data is stored securely and separately ensuring peace of mind - and full audit and compliance trails are provided to credit teams.

Once live, we will actively collaborate with you to continue the reinvention journey. This journey is long, but we will be beside you from start to end. Because that’s a CreditScout’s promise.

Learn more about how CreditScout can reinvent your lending journey

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